Thank you to Chosen People Ministries

Holy Land Key coverI am blessed and honored to have received this endorsement of my book, The Holy Land Key: "I just finished reading Pastor Ray Bentley’s new book, The Holy Land Key, and I am almost out of breath.  It is a fast paced journey filled with facts and information, tempered by heartwarming stories about people you will learn to love and appreciate when you see them through Ray’s eyes.

Pastor Ray Bentley has earned the respect and admiration of many leaders in Israel and of the Messianic Jewish community around the world.  He is known as a “lover of the Jewish people” and for decades has invested his time, energy resources and those of his family and congregation in supporting the nation of Israel and demonstrating that true followers of Yeshua the Messiah love the Jewish people.

Pastors Ray’s concern for the Jewish people is founded in Scripture and this becomes abundantly clear in reading his new book, The Holy Land Key.  Pastor Ray waves a beautiful story of God’s love for both Jews and Arabs through the exposition of key prophetic biblical texts and by telling the modern day stories of Jewish and Arab believers who live in Israel or who are active in God’s work among the children of Abraham. More than anything, this wonderful book reveals the heart of a local church pastor for God’s chosen people.

This not the everyday book on end time prophecy; it is told with an eye towards the future and a heart for God’s present work in the Holy Land among both Jews and Arabs.  Anyone interested in the Bible, the Jewish people and the Middle East in general will appreciate this strategic, relevant and engaging book.  I recommend it and know that the reader will be especially encouraged and blessed by Pastor Ray’s effort."

Dr. Mitch Glaser


Chosen People Ministries