Journey of Faith

Journey of Faith“But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them.” - Hebrews 11:16 These early saints DESIRED a better place than this world. They longed to be where God wanted them to be; they didn’t settle for whatever came along. God wants that for each of us – in fact, “He has prepared a city for them”—and us!

In the Greek language, the word for desire used here means “To stretch oneself, reach out after, long for, covet after.” It’s good to desire, stretch, and reach for what God has prepared for us.

In the 1992 Olympics, Gayle Deavers, a woman of faith, finished her hundred meters race with four other competitors appearing to have tied on the line.  It was so close that the race couldn’t be called until film was scrutinized. Gayle Deavers won by one one-hundredth of a second. The deciding factor? She had stretched her head down and forward, just enough to reach for that goal and win the gold!

That’s a desire to win, to finish the race.  Desire to walk by faith means that you are reaching for it, grasping for it, with all your heart, mind, and soul. You are reading God’s Word and praying, and you know, by faith, that He will recognize the desires of your heart.

If you tired—perhaps sick and tired—of your rut and routine, if you are weary of the same failures, mistakes, and fears, it’s time to start walking by faith.  Faith is an adventure, a quest. And once you have traveled the journey of faith, you’ll never regret it!

[Photo: Ryan Frierson, CreationSwap]