Do Not Be Afraid

A Word from the Lord Who doesn’t struggle with fear?  I know I do at times.  And you know what scares me sometimes?  When I read the Bible and the Word tells me not to be afraid, that word is often followed by something really scary!

But if you are someone caught in the grip of a terrible fear over difficult circumstances, or if you live with a nagging fear of things just not being right and that something scary is lurking around the corner, I have a word for you.

First, I have to tell you that I took a unique trip to Israel recently, where Jesus met me on the shores of the Galilee, gave me a fresh filling of His Spirit in Jerusalem, and spoke to my heart throughout that beloved land.  I went specifically to seek the Lord, with no agenda or tours or meetings to conduct.

The Lord has heavily impressed upon me the significance of the next ten years—the “decade of destiny” I’ve been calling it.  The “super sign” of prophecy has been there-birth of the nation of Israel, and I’ve certainly been preaching that message and growing in what the Lord has taught us about prophecy and the events unfolding.  But on this trip, besides asking Him for confirmation, I asked Him for a word to bring home – what would He have me tell my church and those I teach?

I can honestly say I came home with a message for you that is a “thus saith the Lord” word.  Sometimes when I share what the Lord is showing me I need to qualify it with, “this just might be my opinion.”  But this time I can say this word is truly from God.

In light of everything going on around us, locally, globally, geopolitically, environmentally, financially, emotionally, not to mention personal circumstances that threaten to overwhelm us, the word from the Lord is DO NOT BE AFRAID.

Over and over He tells us not to be afraid throughout the Word.   The Bible has 365 verses that whisper, shout, admonish, exhort, comfort and encourage us:  Do not be afraid.  Fear not.  God has not given us the spirit fear.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  Be anxious for nothing.  There’s one for every day of the year!

But how?  I asked the Lord how to make this real.  How do I let go of fear and anxiety?  The Lord reminded me once again that He is the Lord of every day life and the Lord of history.  He knows all that is transpiring in our world and our personal lives.  If we focus too much on the circumstances around us, on an earthly level with natural eyes, we’ll sink like Peter did when he was walking on water.  We need to look up – for there is our redemption!  We need to look at our lives through spiritual eyes, and ask God for the peace that passes understanding, and for the faith to trust Him with all the details—big and scary, or small and nagging—of our lives and the world around us.

Your life is precious to the Lord.  He sees the big picture —the prophetic story of the entire universe unfolding rapidly all around us.  But He also sees and numbers the very hairs on your head (Matthew 10:30).

If I can encourage you in one thing today, it is that our heavenly Father loves you and desires above all that you live free of fear, so that you can fully know and experience His love.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Ray