Can We Slow Down During this Season?

  praying hands with candle

“Prepare the way for the Lord.” Isaiah 40: 3, Mark 1:3

Christmas stirs emotions and memories in people—I wish they were all good, but I know that for many their memories and their feelings are hard. For most of us it is a busy season, both happy and difficult

A missionary friend of mine celebrates advent in a different way than most of us. She was connected to an Anglican convent in England for several years, and writes that their advent season begins “in sharp contrast to the Christmas carols blaring in lavishly decorated malls and swarming shoppers who buzz about in an altered state. Advent began today with a deliberate slowing down and silence…Advent is about stripping down to the essentials in preparation for Christ's coming, taking away everything that distracts.”

Their decorations and celebrations don’t begin until Christmas Eve.  "Advent is a time for marveling at inner mysteries, a time for watching in awed silence, and a time for getting in touch with our deepest longings for the Lord. Silencing the externals and going deeper into the stillness allows you to taste the riches of the incarnation.  And what appears to be deprivation creates an expectation and space in one's soul to contain more Christmas joy when the 24th of December arrives.”1

I like that. While we can’t all physically find a place apart from our busy lives, I pray that we find time in our hearts and minds to anticipate with excitement and expectation what God will do in our lives in during this season. And to strip down mentally to the essentials. To find comfort and peace in the knowledge that God loves us.

If you are worried about not having enough money or time or energy to “do Christmas right,” then I pray you will realize that His riches are abundant in love, joy, and peace, and His grace is always sufficient. And His love, flowing out of you, will provide so many blessings to others, that no matter what your means, you will “do Christmas right.”

May your deepest longings for the Lord be met this advent season.


  1. Kathy Rogers, former Maranatha missionary to England.