A Window for the Soul

"Keep sound wisdom and discretion...they will be life to your soul."—Proverbs 21:3 A teenage girl confronted her mother with some harsh truths:

“I don’t want to be like you,” she said. “All I’ve heard my whole life is that you wanted to leave this place, move, and live somewhere else. But you never did it. Well, I’m leaving. I won’t end up like you.”

It’s true, the mother thought. She had spent much of her adult life wanting to be somewhere else, doing something different. Her husband’s work and family matters kept them in the same small, rural town year after year. Her resentment grew until she began to hate their life with a passion. She deadened her fear of being stuck in mediocrity with alcohol. Guilt ate away at her faith and she began to avoid the intimacy she once knew with the Lord. Her bitterness seeped into her children’s lives and now they were throwing it back at her.

“If I had been wiser …,” she confided to a friend.

“Yeah, I know. It’s too bad you didn’t move a long time ago.”

“No,” she said. “I wish I had allowed God to bless me. I wish I had never forgotten His love. I wish I had learned to be content. I should’ve practiced what I preach to my kids—you know, about trusting the Lord. I knew we couldn’t really move. Maybe someday … but now, if I could do things differently, I would teach my children that God’s love is with us wherever we live—and I would be more thankful for the life we’ve had.”

This woman, an active member of her church, knew all the right things, but somehow the ability to put them into practice eluded her.

But she possessed a teachable heart.

Wisdom, gleaned from years of knowing God’s Word, enabled her to change her attitude, and to redeem the bitter years of regret. She began to put her education and skills to work and to set a better example for her children. The tension in her marriage eased as she let go of her resentment. She found peace at last by fulfilling what she now believes is God’s purpose for her life.

More importantly, she once again began to experience the love of God guiding her life.

Wisdom, then, becomes a window through which we see God’s love and passion for us. Sometimes the window is smudged, and our vision is blurred.

But when we comprehend His love, then our vision clears, and we can respond with attitudes and actions that reflect wisdom working in our lives.