The Sweet Spot

"…Know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10 

So many of the Psalms talk about a beautiful, personal relationship with God.  Often we read and study the Psalms without ever realizing we can enter into the very experiences of those who wrote them.  

Think of King David, the man after God’s own heart.  He authored the majority of the Psalms and was a master of Selah.  This Hebrew word signifies “rest.”  It means to pause and meditate in a place of peace and stillness.

As we considered in yesterday’s devotional, coming to a place of total stillness during our time of prayer is a challenge for us, especially today with our short attention spans.  

But if we are going to commune with God, we must become still.  Being still cannot be hurried, rushed or forced.  It takes a little time, but not long. We call it “waiting on the Lord.”  At a point in your stillness, God begins to take over.  You can sense the flow of His Spirit within you.

Be still and know that He is God.

The word to “know” in Hebrew means to know by experience.  In other words, when we stop agitating and become quiet for a moment, we begin to experience the presence of God.  We begin to hear His voice.  

God usually speaks in a still small voice.  He speaks and you listen.  He imparts supernatural strength, wisdom, and insight.  

How does He do it?

He might give you an image; He might bring someone to mind for prayer; or reveal Himself in words or a scripture that comes alive in a profound and fresh way. He might put a scene in your mind that you now see from a totally different perspective.  It’s like a download where suddenly you see a different angle and understand what’s actually going on.  

I suggest you keep a notepad handy, so you can jot down important insights, impressions, and images.  God thinks they are important enough to communicate, so it’s equally important to retain them.  The more you value these messages, the more God will entrust you with them.

But stillness alone is not the goal.  It’s the doorway to fellowship with the Lord and for heaven to permeate our mind, spirit, and heart.

Most things in life comes to us through expending energy, pouring out effort.  This is where we stop and God begins to pour into us.  We just need to be still and receive. 

Move into that sweet spot of Selah – pausing to rest and receive whatever God wants to give you.  It is Spirit to spirit; it’s tangible, powerful and glorious; it’s a supernatural filling of the Lord Himself.

Ray Bentley