Who Is In the Boat With You?

“Lord, save us! We are perishing!” — Matthew 8:25 Will God allow you to head right into a frightening and treacherous storm?

Might He even lead you into it?

After a long day of ministering and healing, Jesus stepped into a boat to depart from the crowds, knowing His disciples would follow.

The Sea of Galilee can be a dangerous crossing, known for sudden, violent storms.  Half the disciples were fisherman. They knew what could happen, but were determined to follow Jesus wherever He went.

Exhausted, Jesus quickly fell asleep.  Sure enough, a sudden storm roared over the sea and the boat was battered by massive waves.

The disciples were terrified. They most likely had known fishermen who died in such storms. They woke Jesus up, crying, “Save us!”

Jesus woke and immediately said, “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?”

What are you worried abou?  I’ve got this.

He rebuked the wind and sea and everything completely calmed down.

Can you imagine the disciples’ amazement?

“Who can this be,” they asked, “that even the winds and the sea obey Him?”

But why did Jesus lead them into such a storm?  Why would He lead us into storms?

To teach us and remind us that even when we are following Him, life can get rough.  It is the most normal thing in the world to be afraid in the midst of a dangerous storm.

Yet, Jesus asked them, “Why are you so afraid?”

He was at peace because He rested in the will of His Father. He wants that peace for us too.

This story reminds us that He has control over our circumstances, that even nature obeys Him, that nothing happens to us without His knowledge.

The disciples grew in their faith and their understanding of who Jesus is as a result of the storm.

And so will we.

The question to ask is not how bad are the storms, but who is in the boat with you?