A Broken Heart

"He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds" - Psalm 147:3 What becomes of the broken hearted?
I heard that old song on the radio the other day and the lyrics haunted me. Many people have to deal with the things that old song speaks of: broken dreams, disillusion and confusion.

A broken heart is a wound to the soul, inflicted through loss, betrayal, misunderstandings, and fear of the unknown. 

Circumstances at home, work, or in your community can so deeply affect you that you literally feel a pain in your chest and wonder how you will bear it. Sometimes we grieve for another’s sorrow or pain and make it our own.

I’ll tell you what becomes of too many broken hearted people. They hurt. They run, they cover their wounds with false bravado or phony optimism. They numb their pain with busy work, drugs, drink, entertainment…whatever works for a while.  But those things are temporary band-aids for a wound that needs deep cleansing and healing.

When the broken hearted allow God’s Holy Spirit to reach into their hearts, He promises to tend and heal their wounds. 

Does this happen in a second? 

Do the pain and the problems disappear at the utterance of a prayer? 

Not usually. Notice that the Scripture above promises healing and binding. The binding process is like caring for a physical trauma. Recognizing the nature of the wound, understanding what caused the damage, then cleansing the wound and ridding it of infection are crucial to the process.

God will do a similar work in our hearts. 

No quick band-aids and temporary pain relief. Rather, we will experience a deep, life-changing work of the Holy Spirit which drives us closer to God, our Great Physician.

He will take us to the foot of the Cross, where His blood was poured out for the very sins that inflict such pain and heartache upon the world. He will expose this wound for what it is, root out its causes and cleanse us from the infection of bitterness and sin.

His Comforter, the Holy Spirit, will hold our hands and lets us know we are loved as we go through this process, reminding us that,

“All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28)!

And then, blessed relief!

His promises are true. He will bind and heal our wounds. And from the depths of our tender and healing heart, He can now begin to manifest the attributes of His Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience and all the gifts God wants us to have. All the reasons He allows such trials into our lives.

What becomes of the broken hearted?  

In God’s kingdom, ultimately, good things.

“Let God cover your wounds, do not do it yourself. For if you wish to cover them, because you are ashamed, the Physician will not come. Let Him cover; for by the covering of the Physician the wound is healed; by covering the wound yourself, the wound is merely concealed. And from whom? From Him who knows all things.”
 —St. Augustine
[Photo: supercoco__, Creative Commons]